Asrin Mohammadi

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Despite having a large number of speakers, Sorani - one of the two principle branches of the Kurdish language - is among the less-resourced languages. This paper reports on the outcomes of a project aimed at providing the essential resources for processing Sorani texts. The primary output of this project is Pewan, the first standard Test Collection to(More)
The cutting stock problem is an important problem in the field of combinational optimization. In classic versions of this problem, the aim is to find a solution for cutting some equalwidth mother rolls into smaller parts with given width so that the amount of trim-loss become as small as possible. There are plenty of works which addressed the classic(More)
A new method to realize a direct microwave QAM modulator is discussed. The architecture uses SPDT switches and pin diode reflection attenuators to realize a QAM modulator. The attenuators use pin diodes in a forward bias condition to overcome the speed limitation. This slew architecture provides a high speed QAM modulator, and its implementation using(More)
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