Asreen Rostami

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Currently there is no standard test collection for evaluation of Farsi information retrieval systems. In this paper we introduce Mahak, the first complete test collection generally available for evaluating Farsi information retrieval systems. We also discuss our construction process in detail. As a goal, we hope that Mahak will foster the development of(More)
Designing for interactive performances is challenging both in terms of technology design, and of understanding the interplay between technology, narration, and audience interactions. Bio-sensors and bodily tracking technologies afford new ways for artists to engage with audiences, and for audiences to become part of the artwork. Their deployment raises a(More)
This research explores the use of technology in Mixed-Reality Performance, and how novel interactive technologies (VR, IoT, Bio-Data) can be used in designing such performances. Additionally, I explore the potential of these technologies to increase audience' interaction with the performance. The studies presented in this paper are still under development(More)
This paper is an introduction to the "Future IKEA Catalogue", enclosed here as an example of a design fiction produced from a long standing industrial-academic collaboration. We introduce the catalogue here by discussing some of our experiences using design fiction` with companies and public sector bodies, giving some background to the catalogue and the(More)
In developing countries where Internet is not readily accessible and literacy sometimes low, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have been shown to provide opportunities in a variety of civic activities. In this way, such systems can give the opportunity to more easily influence and participate in public affairs. However the lack of an efficient system(More)
  • Asreen Rostami
  • 2013
The raise of social Web brought new ways of disseminating information, news and published content over the Web. Social news aggregator Web sites such as Digg and Reddit are already known for their role in promoting user-based content by utilizing story submission and voting system. Balatarin, the first and one of the most famous news aggregator in Persian(More)
This article aims to design and simulation of the active capacitance circuit and its Negative resistance feature. It also suggests a novel method in the field of active filters which is based on an active capacitance circuit. ADS2010 software was employed to perform the simulations. It is demonstrated via the simulated results that the proposed RF active(More)
The sample and hold circuit is perhaps the most important building block in most data acquisition systems such as data converter. Flexibility of this block can be used to improve the whole performance of the system. In this work a flexible structure with variable gain is presented. The circuit is used to calibrate a typical time interleaved analog to(More)
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