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wildCENSE is a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) system which attempts to monitor the behaviour and migration patterns of Barasingha (Swamp Deer). The system would collect the micro-climatic as well as positional information of the animal and communicate it to a base station through flooding of data using peer-to-peer network. The base station, using a gateway,(More)
With the advent of digital signal processors, advanced control methodologies through artificial intelligence can be applied in most of the industrial applications. The power supplies have emerged as an independent industry which is inevitable in all the manufacturing process. The practical challenge in most of the SMPS is to design the advanced control(More)
The blocking performance of an Optical Network can be improved with the help of alternate routing scheme and by wavelength conversion technique, but the later is not an economical proposition. Connection set -up time and blocking rate reduction are two important parameters for any optical data communication network. In the present work, traditional(More)
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