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There are several examples of bipartite entangled states of continuous variables for which the existing criteria for entanglement using the inequalities involving the second order moments are insufficient. We derive new inequalities involving higher order correlation, for testing entanglement in non-Gaussian states. In this context we study an example of a(More)
We propose an experimentally feasible architecture with controllable long-range couplings built up from local exchange interactions. The scheme consists of a spin bus, with strong, always-on interactions, coupled dynamically to external qubits of the Loss and DiVincenzo type. Long-range correlations are enabled by a spectral gap occurring in a finite-size(More)
Overlapping resonances are shown to provide new insights into the extent of decoherence experienced by a system superposition state in the regime of strong system-environment coupling. As an example of this general approach, a generic system comprising spin-half particles interacting with a thermalized oscillator environment is considered. We find that (a)(More)
We show how the entanglement in a wide range of continuous variable non-Gaussian states can be preserved against decoherence for long-range quantum communication through an optical fiber. We apply protection via decoherence-free subspaces and quantum dynamical decoupling to this end. The latter is implemented by inserting phase shifters at regular intervals(More)
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