Asok R Kumar

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Cholinergic mechanisms in the septohippocampal pathway contribute to several cognitive functions and impaired cholinergic transmission in this pathway may be related to the memory loss and dementia that accompanies normal aging and Alzheimer's disease and behavioral studies suggest that muscarinic mechanisms in the medial septum/diagonal band of Broca(More)
The in-plane and cross-plane thermal conductivities of the cladding layers and active quantum wells of interband cascade lasers and type-II superlattice infrared detector are measured by the 2-wire 3ω method. The layers investigated include InAs/AlSb superlattice cladding layers, InAs/GaInSb/InAs/AlSb W-active quantum wells, an InAs/GaSb su-perlattice(More)
In classical chromatolysis, Nissl bodies are initially lost centrally with subsequent progression to the periphery of the neuron. Peripheral chromatolysis has the opposite pattern; it is less common and more difficult to produce. We describe a new method for producing peripheral chromatolysis in neurons of trigeminal ganglia and dorsal root ganglia that(More)
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