Asok Bandyopadhyay

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This paper proposes a scheme for recognition of English characters based on features derived from partitioning the character image into non-overlapping cells. A dynamic sliding window moves over each cell and pixel counts obtained from the image portion within the boundaries of the window, contribute towards generation of the feature vector. A total of four(More)
Developing efficient handwriting recognition systems that are fast and highly reliable is a challenging problem. This work represents the development of an online handwriting recognition system for Bangla script, widely used in eastern India and Bangladesh. In our approach, an online handwritten character/cluster is characterized by structure or shape based(More)
Infrared imaging captures the temperature distribution of the human body surface and is presently employed in various medical applications. Most of the conventional and commercial suites for thermal image processing provide only very basic tools to process thermal images which pose challenge to the medical professionals and analysts to interpret the(More)
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