Asne Klein

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The reaction between bis-ninhydrin resorcinol and benzyl-tri-methyl-ammonium fluoride in ethanol has produced the title compound, 2C10H16N(+)·2C24H13O8 (-)·1.5H2O, which contains a unique centrosymmetric supra-molecular dimeric entity, where two deprotonated ligands are held together via two strong and short [O⋯O = 2.4395 (13) Å] [O-H-O](-) bonds of the(More)
The title compound, [Cs(CH3COO)(C28H16O8)(C2H5OH)]·C2H5OH, is the product of the complexation between one vasarene analogue [1], bis ninhydrin naphthalene-1,3-diol and CsF, where the F(-) ion has reacted with residual acetic acid (AcOH), to form a [1]·CsOAc complex. The inter-molecular inter-actions with the multiple oxygen-containing functional groups of(More)
The questioned document laboratory is often called upon to decipher writing that has been erased, obliterated, or that has faded. In cases like these, the original writing is no longer legible to the naked eye, but may be enhanced using various light sources. Certain remnants of the ink's components absorb into the substrate's fibers and can be visualized,(More)
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