Asnat Walfisch

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OBJECTIVES The association between breastfeeding and child cognitive development is conflicted by studies reporting positive and null effects. This relationship may be confounded by factors associated with breastfeeding, specifically maternal socioeconomic class and IQ. DESIGN Systematic review of the literature. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Any prospective(More)
To evaluate changes in pain threshold before, during and after labor in a prospective clinical trial. Forty pregnant women at term were included. Pain threshold in 18 specific pressure points was evaluated using a dolorimeter. Woman underwent pain threshold assessment at term before labor, during the active phase of labor and postpartum. Subjective pain(More)
OBJECTIVE Women are often exposed to various medications and medical conditions during pregnancy. Unrealistically high maternal teratogenic risk perception, related to these exposures, may lead to abrupt discontinuation of therapy and (or) termination of a wanted pregnancy. The association between maternal depression and the teratogenic risk perception has(More)
Ischemic rupture of the anterolateral papillary muscle is uncommon due to its dual blood supply. It usually follows an ischemic event involving branches of the left circumflex or left anterior descending arteries. We present a case of a patient admitted with an acute inferior wall myocardial infarction and an isolated distal right coronary artery occlusion.(More)
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