Asmita K Choudhury

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BACKGROUND We earlier reported a simple specific test for detection of anti-ovarian antibodies in infertile women and identified number of specific molecular and cellular targets of which human heat shock protein 90-beta (HSP90 beta) was found to be the most immunodominant. The present study focuses on prediction and validation of the immunodominant(More)
PROBLEM Earlier studies from our group have established that about 47% cases of autoimmune ovarian failure are due to presence of autoantibodies to Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90). However, there are no reports correlating pathological effects of HSP90 autoantibodies leading to ovarian failure. METHOD OF STUDY Antibodies to HSP90 in female mouse model were(More)
We previously established that the presence of autoantibodies to heat-shock protein 90 (HSP90) is one common causes of female infertility, and demonstrated that its presence leads to detrimental effects on ovarian and reproductive function in mice. The pathophysiological mechanism and alteration in the immune physiology, however, remain unknown. We(More)
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