Asmaa Ahmed Alharbi

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B. T. Roeder, M. McCleskey, L. Trache, A. A. Alharbi, A. Banu, S. Cherubini, T. Davinson, V. Z. Goldberg, M. Gulino, R. G. Pizzone, E. Simmons, R. Spartà, A. Spiridon, C. Spitaleri, J. P. Wallace, R. E. Tribble, and P. J. Woods INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud & DMFCI Università di Catania, 95123 Catania, Italy School of Physics and Astronomy, University(More)
We have studied the effects of electrode fabrication and detector capacitance on the time resolution of large area electronic grade polycrystalline diamond sensors, made using chemical vapour deposition, that are suitable for time of flight measurements of heavy ions at relativistic velocities. Sensors were prepared both in house, with Al or Au metal(More)
A theoretical study of the nuclear-reaction cross sections for proton-induced reactions on (63)Cu and (65)Cu was performed in the proton energy range from threshold values up to 50MeV. The produced nuclei were different isotopes of Zn, Cu, Ni, Co and Mn, some of which have important applications. The reaction cross-section calculations were performed using(More)
In an experiment conducted at the Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University in March-April 2009, the resonant elastic scattering of O+p was studied with the Thick Target Inverse Kinematics (TTIK) method [1] to observe states in F. F is expected to be unbound to proton decay (as are F). A rare beam of O with intensity of 5 x 10 pps was produced for the(More)
This In 2009 a research program was started at the Cyclotron Institute to study the production of medical radioisotopes using beams of protons, alphas and helium-3 from the K500 superconducting cyclotron. Radioactive nuclides are mainly used in medicine for diagnostic (PET and SPECT imaging) and therapeutic (radiopharmaceuticals and brachytherapy) purposes.(More)
This article reports a facile growth of well-crystalline aligned hexagonal ZnO nanorods on fluorine-doped tin-oxide (FTO) substrate via non-catalytic thermal evaporation process. The morphological investigations done by field-emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveal that the grown products are aligned(More)
Aflatoxins, a worldwide health hazard to humans and animals, are among the most potent mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds known to be produced in nature. The present study aimed to determine the frequency of occurrence of mycotoxigenic fungi associated with peanut seeds. Under UV light of 365 nm wavelength, the presence or absence of fluorescence which(More)
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