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Multipath routing protocols for Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) address the problem of scalability, security (confidentiality and integrity), lifetime of networks, instability of wireless transmissions, and their adaptation to applications. Our protocol, called MP-OLSR (MultiPath OLSR), is a multipath routing protocol based on OLSR [1]. The Multipath Dijkstra(More)
Available online xxxx 18 Keywords: 19 Trust 20 Ad hoc networks 21 Security 22 Routing protocol 23 OLSR 24 2 5 a b s t r a c t 26 The trust is always present implicitly in the protocols based on cooperation, in particular, between the 27 entities involved in routing operations in Ad hoc networks. Indeed, as the wireless range of such nodes 28 is limited, the(More)
Ad Hoc networks do not rely on any centralized administration or fixed network infrastructure and their nodes establish a routing structure in a self-organized way, by means of an ad hoc routing protocol such as OLSR. Ad hoc route discovery and maintenance introduce specific security problems for routing protocols to prevent, detect or respond. Solutions to(More)
In this paper, we present two measures to counter attacks against OLSR: prevention that solves some protocol's vulnerabilities, and countermeasures that treat misbehavior and inconsistency concerned by the vulnerabilities that have not been solved with prevention measures. The resulting mechanisms allow to resolve the OLSR vulnerabilities which are due to(More)
In ad hoc networks, route discovery and maintenance introduce specific security problems for routing protocols to prevent, detect or respond. For the OLSR routing protocol, the correct routing operation requires an expected node behavior regarding the cooperation for discovering neighbors, selecting routers and announcing topology information, but the(More)
MANET is mobile ad-hoc network. It is simply a collection of nodes where each node acts as independent router or host. Mobility is the main characteristics of MANET. Therefore routing protocol is required that adapts whenever topology changes. Secure data transmission is the main issue in MANET. The enhancement in the secure data transmission in MANET using(More)
Trust is an interesting criterion for analyzing and comparing network protocols. The goal of this paper is to explicit the different types of trust relations between entities which exchange routing information and establish a routing infrastructure based on the OLSR protocol. One such entity assumes the other entities will behave in a particular way and the(More)
In the presence of malicious nodes, one of the main challenges in MANETs is to design a novel, scalable and robust Geographic Multicast Protocol (RSGM) that can protect MANETs from various routing attacks. The vulnerabilities in the RSGM protocol were explored and various attacks like blackhole, wormhole and flooding attack are simulated. Several virtual(More)
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