Asma'a Al Ibrahim

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This paper proposes an efficient algorithm and Processing Element (PE) architecture for a Multiple Word Radix 4 Montgomery Modular (MWR4MM) multiplier. This architecture is developed considering an important design factor-power consumption-in addition to other design factors that is considered previously in many publications such as performance and(More)
Stemming is considered as a pre-processing step in many applications: text mining, information retrieval, machine translation etc. The Arabic language has many special cases or properties that affect stemming or any automatic method, it depends on both inflectional and derivational morphology to produce the various forms of the language words. Many(More)
This paper presents a simplified mathematical model of photovoltaic generation system which can be used to perform various power system studies. First the relation between solar radiation and PV output is presented. Then the power electronics inverter control employed in PV system is described. Finally the performance of detail model and simplified model of(More)
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