Asma Mubarak

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Excessive coupling between object-oriented classes is widely acknowledged as a maintenance problem that can result in a higher propensity for faults in systems and a 'stored up' future problem. This paper explores the relationship between 'fan-in' and 'fan-out' coupling metrics over multiple versions of open-source software. More specifically, the(More)
Objective. To explore whether an 80:20 rule exists in Java from six coupling metrics over multiple versions of open-source software and, if so, whether that relationship is exacerbated over time. Methods. We used the automated tool JHawk to extract the 6 different coupling metrics from four Open-Source Systems. We then ranked the classes on each of these 6(More)
In this paper, we address a set of research questions investigating trends in changes to an open-source system (OSS). An interesting 'peak and trough' effect trend was found to exist in the system studied, suggesting that developer activity comprises of a set of high and low periods. Trends in overall changes applied to the system were complemented with(More)
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