Asma Batool

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Global software development (GSD) outsourcing is a modern business strategy for producing high quality software at low cost. Most of the problems in Global software development (GSD) occur due to the lack of communication between stakeholders, time zone issues, cultural differences, etc. In this paper, our main emphasis will be to improve the Value-based(More)
Agile Software Development works as the bridge that establishes the path to handle changes in the composite task of Software Development. In this research, we present a hybrid model which has been introduced for evolution of the Agile Software Development Practices by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique. The methods we used in this research are(More)
Nowadays, software development industry has departed from traditional development to Agile software development. In this paper we have proposed a conceptual framework. The main emphasis in this framework is to make the requirement engineering process more effective and add to the suppleness of it. The research method we have used in this research is case(More)
Traditional RE and Agile RE are two different approaches on the basis of their planning and control mechanism. This Paper distinguishes the Traditional RE and Agile RE. Furthermore it investigates the reasons for which software industries shifted from Traditional RE to Agile RE. Research is carried out by conducting a literature study and finally a case(More)
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