Asma Abubakr Mustafa

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AIM AND OBJECTIVES To examine the concordance of the Libyan Pharmaceutical List of Essential Medicines (LPLEM) with the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines 2009 (WMLEM 2009). METHODS The concordance between generic medicines listed in the WMLEM 2009 (standard reference list) and the LPLEM 2006 (comparator list) was evaluated. (More)
The serological inter-relationships of twenty four strains of Pasteurella multocida represented by 11 reference strains, each representing a different serogroup, and 13 strains from cattle with hemorrhagic septicemia were determined by agglutination and gel diffusion tests. There was agreement between the results of the two procedures indicating that both(More)
UNLABELLED Medicines are health technologies that can translate into tangible benefits for numerous acute as well as chronic health conditions. A nation's pharmaceutical sector needs to be appropriately structured and managed in order to ensure a safe, effective and quality supply of medicines to society. The process of medicines management involves the(More)
Of 42 strains of Pasteurella meltocida isolated from different outbreaks of hemorrhagic septicaemia and from healthy cattle in various parts of the Suden, 38 belonged to Carters' type B and four to type E. The strain used for vaccine production was type E. With respect to somatic antigen determination, there was some correlation between the results of the(More)