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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The cerebellar tonsillar herniation occurring in Chiari malformation Type I (CMI) mainly results from overcrowding of a normally developing hindbrain within a primary small posterior cranial fossa (PCF) due to an anomaly in the embryological development of the occipital bone. In the present study, the lengths of PCF parameters were(More)
This study was designed to investigate the effects of bipolar and mononopolar electrocauterization on peripheral nerve tissue. The comparison on the deleterious effects of the different cautery modalities and the importance of probe tip placement are evaluated using electrophysiological, electron microscopic and biochemical assessment parameters.(More)
Grisel's syndrome designates subluxation of atlanto-axial joint unrelated to trauma or bone disease. Atlanto-axial subluxation is seen after the upper neck inflammatory processes of head and neck region. Moreover, this rare clinical entity has been observed after various otolaryngological surgical approaches including adenoidectomy,(More)
Although scorpion bite is usually lethal in children under 6, sometimes it might cause death for those over 6. Acute lethal systemic seizures (cardiovascular and central nervous systems) have been frequently reported from the countryside of developing countries. Numerous researchers have suggested quite different approaches to the treatment of scorpion(More)
OBJECTIVE/AIMS To emphasize the importance of diagnosis and treatment of unusually localized hydatid cysts in pediatric cases. METHODS Hydatid cyst patients of two departments were listed who had undergone surgery between January 2001 and December 2008. Of the 7 pediatric patients, 3 were chosen as the ones with unusual localization. Cyst removal with(More)
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