Asli Yildirim

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GaInAsSb is a promising material for mid-infrared devices such as lasers and detectors because it is a direct band gap material with large radiative coefficient and a cut-off wavelength that can be varied across the mid-infrared (from 1.7 to 4.9 μm) while remaining lattice matched to GaSb. On the other hand, the potential of the alloy is hampered by(More)
  • Cuneyt Sahin, CUNEYT SAHIN, +15 authors Tianyu Liu
  • 2016
The emerging field of spintronics relies on the manipulation of electron spin in order to use it in spin-based electronics. Such a paradigm change has to tackle several challenges including finding materials with sufficiently long spin lifetimes and materials which are efficient in generating pure spin currents. This thesis predicts that two types of(More)
The effect of reduced dielectric environments on the conformational sampling of DNA was examined through molecular dynamics simulations. Different dielectric environments were used to model one aspect of cellular environments. Implicit solvent based on the Generalized Born methodology was used to reflect different dielectric environments in the simulations.(More)
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