Asli Gençtav

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The Pap smear test is a manual screening procedure that is used to detect precancerous changes in cervical cells based on color and shape properties of their nuclei and cytoplasms. Automating this procedure is still an open problem due to the complexities of cell structures. In this paper, we propose an unsupervised approach for the segmentation and(More)
The radiometric response of a camera governs the relationship between the incident light on the camera sensor and the output pixel values that are produced. This relationship, which is typically unknown and nonlinear, needs to be estimated for applications that require accurate measurement of scene radiance. Until now, various camera response recovery(More)
Interesting phenomena in shape perception is nonlocal and nonlinear. Thus, it is crucial that a shape perception system exhibits a nonlocal and nonlinear behaviour. From the computational point of view, however, neither nonlinearity nor nonlocality is desired. We propose a repeated use of Screened Poisson PDE (leading to a sparse linear system) to compute a(More)
Despite being vastly ignored in the literature, coping with topological noise is an issue of increasing importance, especially as a consequence of the increasing number and diversity of 3D polygonal models that are captured by devices of different qualities or synthesized by algorithms of different stabilities. One approach for matching 3D shapes under(More)
In this work, we present a new approach for the problem of 3D shape correspondence under topological noise. Topological noise can be easily encountered in 3D models acquired by various ways such as motion capture technology. In our proposed approach, the pair of 3D shapes is brought to comparable topology before doing matching. We remove the connections(More)
Product shape is one of the factors that trigger preference decisions of customers. Congruity of shape elements and deformation of shape from the prototype are two factors that are found to influence aesthetic response, hence preference. We propose a measure to indirectly quantify congruity of different parts of the shape and the degree to which the parts(More)
Pap smear test plays an important role for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer in which human cells taken from the cervix of patient are analysed for pre-cancerous changes. The manual analysis of these cells by expert cytologist is labor intensive and time consuming job. The automatic and accurate detection of cervical cells are two critical(More)
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