Asli Gül Akgül

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Newly detected lung nodules during the postoperative follow-up course of a patient who has underwent pulmonary resection, is frequently a diagnostic dilemma. It is crucial to determine if the tumor is a recurrent tumor, a second primary tumor or a benign lesion. Currently, positron emission tomography seems to have replaced most of the invasive diagnostic(More)
We report an unusual case of an invasive thymoma with a thrombus in the right atrium and describe the radiological findings consistent with the malignant nature of the thrombus. The thrombus showed significant enhancement on computerized tomography images similar to the tumoral mass. On magnetic resonance imaging, both the tumor and the thrombus have(More)
Thoracic empyema is a collection of pus in the pleural space. Empyema necessitatis is a rare complication of empyema, characterized by the dissection of pus through the soft tissues of the chest wall and eventually through the skin. We present nine cases of empyema necessitatis, including etiology, duration, and characteristics of clinical history, kind of(More)
We present the case of a 20-year-old man with hemoptysis for 3 years. Chest radiography revealed increased pulmonary vascular opacities in the left lower lung field. Computed tomography showed an anomalous systemic artery arising from descending aorta supplying the basal segments of the left lower lobe. Bronchial tree was normal. Pulmonary artery angiogram(More)
Prolonged air leak has been described in many pulmonary diseases but remains one of the common complications of pulmonary resections. Although, the management of prolonged air leaks related to broncho-pleural or alveolo-pleural fistulae traditionally requires surgical repair. In recent years, bronchoscopic approaches have drawn attention because of their(More)
IgG antibodies against the purified antigen 60 have been detected in the sera of 48 active, 12 inactive pulmonary tuberculosis patients and 46 tuberculosis free controls with ELISA. Diagnostic value of this test has been evaluated in the conditions of our country. The detection of IgG antibodies against antigen 60 has 67% sensitivity, 90% specificity and(More)
Radiological analyses in a 61-year-old patient being followed since 2005 for low-grade, non-invasive urothelial carcinoma (UC) (Ta) revealed a 5-cm pleural-based mass in the lower lobe of the right lung for which a subsequent transthoracic fine-needle aspiration cytology was performed. Upon observing the carcinoma cells consistent with UC metastasis,(More)
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