Asli Erkan Ekinci

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BACKGROUND Violence is a significant clinical and public concern and is a frequent occurrence in patients with schizophrenia. The relationship between insight and violence remains controversial. In addition, there is a lack of research on insight, cognitive insight, demographic and psychopathologic variables in violent versus nonviolent schizophrenia(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive insight, a recently developed insight measure, refers to metacognitive processes of the re-evaluation and correction of distorted beliefs and misinterpretations. However, to the best of the authors' knowledge, no study has specifically examined cognitive insight, demographics, psychopathological variables, and distorted beliefs in OCD.(More)
Patients with deficit schizophrenia have worse cognition and poorer social functioning compared with those with nondeficit schizophrenia. Insight is another domain in which these two groups might differ. However, there is no literature data specifically on cognitive insight impairment in deficit versus nondeficit schizophrenia. We compared 40 patients with(More)
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