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A New Database on Financial Development and Structure
The authors introduce a new database of indicators of financial development and structure across countries and over time. This database is unique in that it unites a variety of indicators thatExpand
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Determinants of Commercial Bank Interest Margins and Profitability: Some International Evidence
Using bank-level data for 80 countries in the year's 1988-95, this article shows that differences in interest margins and bank profitability reflect a variety of determinants: bank characteristics,Expand
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Law, Finance and Firm Growth
We investigate how differences in legal and financial systems affect firms' use of external financing to fund growth. We show that in countries whose legal systems score high on an efficiency index,Expand
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Islamic vs. Conventional Banking: Business Model, Efficiency and Stability
This paper discusses Islamic banking products and interprets them in the context of financial intermediation theory. Anecdotal evidence shows that many of the conventional products can be redraftedExpand
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How Does Foreign Entry Affect the Domestic Banking Market?
This paper aims to provide a systematic study of how foreign bank presence has affected the domestic banking markets in 80 countries. Expand
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Financial Performance and Outreach: A Global Analysis of Leading Microbanks
Microfinance contracts have proven able to secure high rates of loan repayment in the face of limited liability and information asymmetries, but high repayment rates have not translated easily intoExpand
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Finance, inequality and the poor
Financial development disproportionately boosts incomes of the poorest quintile and reduces income inequality. About 40% of the long-run impact of financial development on the income growth of theExpand
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Measuring Financial Inclusion: The Global Findex Database
This paper provides the first analysis of the Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) Database, a new set of indicators that measure how adults in 148 economies save, borrow, make payments, andExpand
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Institutions, Financial Markets and Firm Debt Maturity
Do firms in developing countries use less long term debt than similar firms in industrial countries? This paper investigates the role of institutional factors in explaining firms' choice of debtExpand
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Does Deposit Insurance Increase Banking System Stability? An Empirical Investigation
Based on evidence of 61 countries in 1980-97, the authors find that explicit deposit insurance tends to be detrimental to bank stability, the more so where bank interest rates are deregulated and theExpand
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