Asli Akin Aslan

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Attention and executive functions are affected by demographic factors. The study presented in this paper examines the effects of education, gender, and age on the scores of the Color Trail Test (CTT) (D'Elia, Satz, Uchiyama, & White, 1999) and the Visual Verbal Test (VVT) (Feldman & Drasgow, 1959), which are considered to be measures of executive functions(More)
The Three Words-Three Shapes (3W3S) test is a measure of verbal and nonverbal material in the same modality. It was originally designed as an easy bedside test for elderly patients to measure learning, memory, recall and recognition. This paper is based on a study that has adapted a shorter version of that test to the Turkish language and produced a set of(More)
Ya zış ma Ad re si / Add ress rep rint re qu ests to: Objective: Psychopharmacological, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial treatment methods are being used in alcohol dependence, which is a frequently occurring psychiatric disorder. In alcohol dependence, promising treatment strategies like naltrexone, acamprosate and topiramate are being tested and(More)
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