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Initial and Subsequent Location Choices of Immigrants to the Netherlands The initial settlement behaviour and the subsequent mobility of immigrants who arrived in the Netherlands in 1999 are examined using rich administrative individual data. The study considers the settlement patterns of immigrants from various countries of origin who entered the country(More)
Ethnic Sorting in the Netherlands This paper examines the residential mobility behaviour of migrants and natives in the Netherlands using a rich administrative individual data file. The inclination to move and the choice of destination neighbourhood are estimated, correcting for the selection bias of movers. Subsequently, the role of preferences in the(More)
How Important Is Homeland Education for Refugees’ Economic Position in The Netherlands? We use data on refugees admitted to the Netherlands that include registration of education in their homeland by immigration officers. Such data are seldom available. We investigate the quality and reliability of the registrations and then use them to assess effects on(More)
This paper investigates the degree of the labour market competition between White and ethnic minority labour using four waves of the British Quarterly Labour Force Survey (1997). The extent of the labour market competition is examined in terms of wage elasticities and elasticities of complementarity using translog production technology. The estimations(More)
Location Choices of Migrant Nest-Leavers: Spatial Assimilation or Continued Segregation? We examine ethnic differences in the ethnic composition of the destination neighbourhood upon leaving the parental home using administrative data for the entire birth cohort 1983 living in the Netherlands. The analysis provides little evidence of a clear(More)
This paper examines the speed of the occupational adjustment of immigrants using Labour Force Surveys 2004 and 2005 from Statistics Netherlands. The analysis provides new evidence that immigrants start with jobs at the lower levels of skill distribution. Their occupational achievement improves significantly with the duration of residence. The extent of this(More)
This study examines ethnic differences in leaving the parental home and the choice of destination (both location and quality of housing) in the Netherlands. Using unique individual administrative panel data, we study the mobility of the entire birth cohort 1983. In contrast to previous studies, this paper includes the geographical location and the quality(More)
This study investigates the extent of labour market competition among native Dutch workers and ethnic minorities, using national survey of the SEO and the Population statistics of the CBS. Firstly, the direct e¤ect of immigrants on local labour markets is considered. It is shown that ethnic minorities from developing countries have a positive e¤ect on the(More)