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The first method developed to translate customer requirements into software specification was the Quality Function deployment (QFD) and the second approach to the identification of software specification comes from the software engineering. Requirements may be defined as a demand or need. In software engineering, a requirement is a description of what a(More)
The past 30 years have seen broad changes in the diagnosis and management of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). Recently, a clinical debate has generated an open discussion in academic circles. New evidence has shifted treatment patterns away from widespread surgical management and recently brought into question some pharmacologic treatments. VUR is usually not(More)
Wireless Mesh networks exploit multi-hop wireless communications between Access Points to replace wired infrastructure. For improving the performance of Quality of Service in face of unreliable wireless medium, an adaptive traffic balancing using traffic distribution algorithm has been proposed. In this paper, an adaptive traffic balancing is described to(More)
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