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This paper presents a method for managing and modeling a product family as a configurable product. The method enables efficient management of a large number of product variants. The modeling is based on a recently proposed conceptualization of configuration domain, which is a synthesis and extension of the main approaches to configuration. The concepts of(More)
In systematic design the overall function is the relationship between inputs and outputs of a plant, machine, or assembly. This overall function is defined by the requirements and it is usually divided into sub-functions to be solved separately, because it is easier to find solutions for the smaller sub-functions. Finding the sub-functions and the solutions(More)
Advanced design support solutions such as 3D simulations have enabled improved management of design information for years. The challenge, however, is that acquiring these type of design support solutions does not necessarily create a visible business value for the company in a short run. Moreover, the organization surrounding the simulation solution should(More)
Interfacing knowledge based engineering systems and object-oriented databases allows utilization of the best features of the both worlds. Methods of object-oriented databases enable storaging, in addition to simple technical data, e.g. large part of component speciic knowledge into the database. In this paper we present object-oriented views, which allow(More)
1. Aims and objectives Global competition has forced companies to redesign themselves (Leifer et al., 2000). The goal of redesign has been to strengthen a company's position as one of leading companies in the world. One well-known example is Metso Corporation with its three core business areas. Two of these business areas have about half of global markets.(More)
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