Askar Azizi

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This paper presents a designed system for measuring three dimensions (height, width and length) of steel billets during molding process. The system has been equipped with a Giga-Ethernet camera and an industrial computer (IPC). The billet is moved in front of the inspection system with an external moving mechanism. Image processing techniques and(More)
This research work is concerned with the implementation of a shape from shading (SFS) technique for automatically generating a digital terrain model (DTM) using a single digitized aerial photograph of a terrain area with low signal (information) content. The mathematical model for the SFS is established based on the fact that the pixel's gray level(More)
Digital orthophoto is an image where the relief displacements and the camera's tilt have been removed. So it is an efficient, inexpensive and accurate approach for purposes such as evaluation, analysis or measurement of the objects presented in the images. For this reason digital orthophoto has occupied an important place in spatial database in GIS. The(More)
The objective of this paper is to introduce a low cost digital close range photogrammetric system developed in our department. With this system an amateur camera is employed for stereo coverage of industrial objects. The acquired images are scanned by a desktop scanner. The digitized images are then fed into a desktop computer for photogrammetric processing(More)
In this paper, at first Laboratory twine rotor model is chosen for modeling of twine rotor helicopter and two different types of controllers are proposed. Nonlinear robust and LQR controllers applied to mentioned model. In design of nonlinear robust controller a nonlinear feedback control law is used to remove system dynamic and replace error dynamics and a(More)
In this paper a new combined method for design of robust controller proposed for minimum phase systems. In order to design of controller, a new method which is combination of feedback linearization method and sliding mode technique was used. The used method is improved system robustness against uncertainties and disturbances. The proposed control scheme is(More)
Analysing and modelling efforts on production throughput are getting more complex due to random variables in today's dynamic production systems. The objective of this study is to take multiple random variables of production into account when aiming for production throughput with higher accuracy of prediction. In the dynamic manufacturing environment,(More)