Asja Kovacevic

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Peer-to-peer systems have recently emerged as an attractive alternative to client/server approaches, especially in the area of content distribution. By efficiently leveraging the available upload bandwidth of the end users, BitTorrent becomes a de facto standard for scalable content distribution. Inspired by its success, many companies try to shift the(More)
Syllogistic reasoning is modeled in analog hardware and some hardware models, i.e. syllogisms Baroco and Darii are presented. Chaining of syllogisms is modeled by using original min-max entities (circuits), “to see” whether the two rules, modeled in dedicated hardware, i.e., IF A THEN B and IF B THEN C imply the “hardware” rule IF A THEN C. The(More)
Simplified process of distribution and sale of foreign newspapers during tourist season and an operator that controls the process are modeled in different modeling environments; software and hardware model are introduced. The operator's behavior modeled in hardware was taken as the base for developing a new hardware controller.
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