Asja Čelebić

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Elektromiografska analiza funkcije musculus temporalisa kod nosilaca totalnih proteza u dva vremenska razdoblja Summary Activity o f anterior and posterior temporal muscles was elec-tromyographically examined in thirty complete denture wearers at the denture insertion and after a 2 — 5 week period o f denture wear. Muscle activity was recorded by surface(More)
Ocjenjivanje nekih kefalometrijskih metoda mjerenja pri određivanju nagiba protetske plohe Summary The objective o f this study was to test the value o f some lateral cephalometric methods in the determination o f occlusal plane incli­ nation in edentulous patients. Sixty lateral skull radiograms were taken in male subjects with no history o f orthodontic(More)
BACKGROUND Prospective assessments of oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) changes are prone to response shift effects when patients reconceptualize, reprioritize, or recalibrate the perceived meanings of OHRQoL test items. If this occurs, OHRQoL measurements are not "invariant" and may reflect changes in problem profiles or perceptions of OHRQoL(More)
UNLABELLED The aim was to adapt the Orofacial Esthetic Scale (OES) and to test psychometric properties of the Albanian language version in the cultural environment of the Republic of Kosovo. METHODS The OES questionnaire was translated from the original English version according to the accepted techniques. The reliability (internal consistency), and(More)
Maksimalna voljna izometrična aktivnost elevatora mandibule prigodom simetričnih okluzijskih položaja Summary Mean voltages o f right and left temporal and mass eter muscle (RAT, LAT, RM, LM) during maximum voluntary clenching in maximal in-tercuspal position (MI), retruded contact position (RCP) and incisal position (IP) were examined. There was no(More)
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