Asiya Maula

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BACKGROUND Childhood falls result in considerable morbidity, mortality and health service use. Despite this, little evidence exists on protective factors or effective falls prevention interventions in young children. OBJECTIVES To estimate ORs for three types of medically attended fall injuries in young children in relation to safety equipment, safety(More)
Precise diagnosis of presenile dementia is a great challenge. The only valuable classification of dementia is the neuropathological one. We present the first series of stereotactic biopsies in 28 presenile patients (18 males, age 39 less than or equal to 58 less than or equal to 69 years, and 10 females, age 23 less than or equal to 52 less than or equal to(More)
Early detection and precise diagnosis of dementias are important since they determine subsequent medical care. Presently the only way to classify these syndromes is by neuropathological examination. Between 1972 and 1988, 246 stereotactic serial brain biopsies were performed in 28 selected demented patients. Comparison between preoperative clinical(More)
A study of neurotransmitter release has been performed on human brain biopsies obtained during the course of a therapeutic neurosurgical procedure. The electrically evoked-release of 3H-dopamine and 3H-acetylcholine was studied on slices from the thalamus of two parkinsonian and two non-parkinsonian subjects. Electrical stimulation of the non-parkinsonian(More)
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