Asiri Nanayakkara

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  • Assa Aravindh, Artoto Arkundato, +59 authors T. Uthayathasan
  • 2007
Novel extended tetrahedral forms of CO2 have been synthesized recently under high-pressure conditions. We perform ab initio density functional theory calculations to investigate whether doping with Si can extend the stability range of such tetrahedral forms of CO2 to ambient pressure. Calculations are performed with a simple cubic cell containing eight(More)
We experimentally investigated the temperature dependence of intensity of single-bubble sonoluminescence (SBSL) in 85 wt%. sulfuric acid. It was found that the intensity increases as temperature increases from 15 °C and 25 °C, confirming what has been predicted by A. Moshaii et al. [Phys. Rev. E 84, 046301 (2011)] theoretically. This behavior, however, is(More)
A set of new mental tasks that can be used with Brain Computer Interface systems are introduced. New mental tasks are natural to perform for controlling a cursor on a computer screen to select icons. With the help of three healthy subjects, performance of new mental tasks was evaluated and compared with that of popular motor imagery mental tasks. Three(More)
In this paper we present brain maps constructed for Visualization of Arrow Movement (VAM) mental tasks with EEG signals recorded from 20 locations on the scalp. Method of Common Spatial Patterns (CSP) is employed to generate the spatial maps after filtering raw EEG signals into nine different frequency bands. Separate CSPs were obtained for six subjects who(More)
A simple method is developed for selecting effective channels and feature dimensions automatically at the training stage of BCI systems. The method is applied on feature vectors constructed with all the EEG channels used for recording. Performance was evaluated with EEG data which was preprocessed by band pass filtering and feature vectors constructed by(More)
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