Asimakis Lykourgiotis

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This paper describes the ROMEO architecture for live 3D multi-view video delivery over peer-to-peer networks. The scope of the European founded Integration Project ROMEO encompasses addressing the challenges of live multiview video delivery over heterogeneous networks (WiFi, LTE, DVB, etc.) and diverse user equipment (mobile, portable, fixed). In order to(More)
This article presents a novel, end-to-end, qualityaware optimization framework for multimedia clouds, where path selection mechanisms are exploited in conjunction with media optimization in order to support multimedia delivery in a quality-aware manner. As wireless data traffic worldwide is characterized by exponential growth, with the most prominent part(More)
During an emergency situation disabled people face many obstacles to access the emergency systems since they fail to support IP-based services and do not take into account their accessibility requirements. This paper describes the key elements of the EMYNOS platform which is a Next Generation emergency platform that aims to provide IP based emergency(More)