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Employing pedestrian observations in engineering analysis
Simulation tools are often used to establish pedestrian and evacuee performance. The accuracy and reliability of such tools are dependent upon their ability to qualitatively and quantitativelyExpand
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Towards a Wireless Mobile Social Network System Design in Healthcare
In today’s online social networking, one can google social network and stumble upon an array of different results. Each of these choices is often associated with a common cause for people to network.Expand
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A Passive Wireless Tag With Digital Readout Unit for Wide Range Humidity Measurement
Moisture measurement in ppm level is always challenging and costly. Among different technologies available for moisture measurement, the thin film capacitive sensor-based dew point meter offers aExpand
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Accelerating Drug Discovery in Rare and Complex Diseases
We report the adoption of Semantic Web technologies by NuMedii to lay the foundation for accelerating drug discovery in complex and rare diseases.
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Cluster Evolution at the Genome Sciences Centre
High Performance Computing has become a leading technology in the field of Bioinformatics. This is partly due to the completion of the Human Genome Project and many various other genome projectsExpand
Intravascular Papillary Endothelial Hyperplasia (Masson’s Tumor) Involving the Knee Synovium
Introduction: Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia or Masson’s tumor is a rare benign lesion of vascular origin characterized by abnormal proliferation of endothelial cells. Case Report:Expand
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Sun Grid Engine Package for OSCAR
Software deployment and maintenance is a hard problem, even more so when clusters and grids are involved. Open Source Cluster Application Resources (OSCAR) toolkit is used to install and maintainExpand
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