Asim Shekhar

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Auditory P300 latency prolongation or amplitude reduction has been reported in patients affected by bipolar disorder and in schizophrenia. The purpose of this study was to test whether the auditory P300 and earlier event-related potential (ERP) components elicited during an auditory discrimination task could differentiate between these two disorders.(More)
Accumulating evidence indicates that individuals with schizophrenia manifest abnormalities in structures (cerebellum and basal ganglia) and neurotransmitter systems (dopamine) linked to internal-timing processes. A single-cue tone delay eyeblink conditioning paradigm comprised of 100 learning and 50 extinction trials was used to examine cerebellar timing(More)
Background and Objective: The effectiveness of ephedrine and/or phenylephrine, in treatment of hypotension secondary to spinal anesthesia for cesarean section and their effects on fetal/neonatal outcome were studied. Methods and Materials: Sixty healthy parturients were randomly assigned to two groups; Group A (n = 30) received boluses 5 mg/ml increments(More)
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