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One of the most controversial questions in modern medicine, bioethics and science is dilemma about the fetus being a person. To discuss that question one must first define personality. The list of necessary conditions for being a person includes features like intelligence, self-awareness, self control etc. The infrastructures of those abilities reside in(More)
  • Asim Kurjak
  • 2016
With the rapid development of information and communications technologies, industrial nations are transforming into societies in which knowledge is the most contested and valuable good. The increased speed at which we have to acquire new knowledge, insights, and abilities is forcing us to divide up learning into novel, shorter phases. The traditional(More)
»When does human life begin?« is not one question, but three. The first question is, »When does human biological life begin?,« and is a scientific question. A brief review of embryology is provided to answer this question. The second question is, »When do obligations to protect human life begin?,« and is a question of general theological and philosophical(More)
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