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The generation of comb spectra is essential for optical OFDM transmitters. We describe a simple solution to this problem, feeding a dual drive Mach-Zehnder modulator with a 12.5 GHz sinusoidal at one arm and with a 25 GHz sinusoidal at the other arm separately. Up to eight optical subcarriers with 12.5 GHz spacing and a spectral flatness of < 1 dB(More)
Land evaluation procedure given by FAO for soil site suitability for various land utilization types has been used to assess the land suitability for different crops and for generating cropping pattern for kharif (summer) and rabi (winter) seasons in Kheragarah tehsil of Agra. Kheragarah tehsil suffers from many types of land degradation such as such as(More)
We investigate the performance of a fiber-based OFDM transmission system for wireless backhauling with a target data rate of 2.5...10 Gbit/s using directly modulated lasers. Newly developed semiconductor DFB lasers in index and complex coupled curved stripe technology as well as lasers with ridge waveguide resonators were experimentally characterized and(More)
In this paper, the chip-to-chip interconnection architecture adopted by the EU-project NAVOLCHI are discussed. The plasmonic physical layer consisting of a plasmonic nanoscale laser, a modulator, an amplifier and a detector is introduced. Current statuses of the plasmonic devices are reviewed.
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