Asim H. Shah

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In this study, we analyzed the duration and determinants of prehospital delay in a group of inner-city patients hospitalized with suspected myocardial infarction. The average prehospital delay was 11.9 +/- 25.1 hours. Mean and median delays were similar for males (mean: 10.9 +/- 24.2 hours; median: 2.8 hours) and females (mean: 12.7 +/- 25.7 hours; median:(More)
Meditation is a mental exercise to improve mental faculty. Present attempt was to evaluate effect of Saral Meditation on development of intelligence, academic performance & cardiopulmonary functions. Results show significant improvement in development of intelligence and academic performance. There was apparent improvement in confidence and they were free(More)
Post-EVAR surveillance has a major impact upon patients, carers and healthcare resources. We hypothesised that elective indication, on-IFU anatomy, use of a modern device or normal first CTA, or a combination of these categories, might predict a rate of secondary intervention low enough to alter current surveillance protocols. Patients undergoing EVAR in(More)
Respiratory Functions mainly vital capacity, FEV1, MBC and breath holding time, of 400 healthy elderly persons, 328 men and 72 women, aged 60+, sedentary and belonging to upper middle class from Bombay were studied. The findings are examined in each sex in 5 yearly age groups and are obviously low. An attempt is made to link the age-wise averages of VC in(More)
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