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Patients coinfected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and the trematode, Schistosoma mansoni, have an increased incidence of viral persistence and accelerated fibrosis. To investigate immunological mechanisms responsible for this more aggressive natural history of HCV, the core HCV-specific T-cell responses were analysed in 44 donated blood units rejected(More)
Management of the patient with diversion colitis is dependent upon both patient and disease-related factors. Patients in whom diversion is not permanent, who desire stoma closure, and who have an acceptable surgical risk should undergo re-establishment of intestinal continuity. Asymptomatic, high-risk surgical candidates need only undergo periodic, regular(More)
Velocity and density measured in a well are crucial for synthetic seismic generation which is, in turn, a key to interpreting real seismic amplitude in terms of lithology, porosity and fluid content. Investigations made in the water wells usually consist of spontaneous potential, resistivity long and short normal, point resistivity and gamma ray logs. The(More)
Carcinoma of the anus is a rare malignancy that usually is diagnosed at an advanced stage, in spite of being easily visible and accessible. Its treatment has evolved from being mainly surgical to one consisting of chemotherapy (with fluorouracil and mitomycin) and radiation (megavoltage linear accelerator therapy delivering between 40 to 50 Gy). Local(More)
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