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The authors discuss research progress and future opportunities for modeling consumer choice on the Internet using clickstream data (the electronic records of Internet usage recorded by company web servers and syndicated data services). The authors compare the nature of Internet choice (as captured by clickstream data) with supermarket choice (as captured by(More)
Structural equation models are widely used in marketing and psychometric literature to model relationships between unobserved constructs and manifest variables and to control for measurement error. Most applications of structural equation models assume that data come from a homogeneous population. This assumption may be unrealistic, as individuals are(More)
Service industries are a rapidly growing sector in the US economy and account for over 60% of its total output. Wireless communications in particular have become ubiquitous and there are an estimated 160 million subscribers in the US alone. In this paper, we focus on the wireless communications industry and model the impact of the nonlinear pricing schemes(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary goal of this study was to determine accuracy for diagnosing acutely decompensated heart failure (ADHF) in the undifferentiated dyspneic emergency department (ED) patient using a lung and cardiac ultrasound (LuCUS) protocol. Secondary objectives were to determine if US findings acutely change management and if findings are more(More)
Marketing variables included in consumer discrete choice models are often endogenous. Extant treatments using likelihood-based estimators impose parametric distributional assumptions such as normality, on the source of endogeneity. These assumptions are restrictive as misspecified distributions have an impact on parameter estimates and associated(More)
W model the multifaceted impact of pricing decisions in business-to-business (B2B) relationships that are governed by trust. We show how a seller can develop optimal intertemporal targeted pricing strategies to maximize profits over time while taking into consideration the impact of pricing decisions on short-term profit margin, reference price formation,(More)
Hierarchical Bayesian approaches play a central role in empirical marketing as they yield individual-level parameter estimates that can be used for targeting decisions. MCMC methods have been the methods of choice for estimating hierarchical Bayesian models as they are capable of providing accurate individual-level estimates. However, MCMC methods are(More)