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Internet Recommendation Systems
Several online firms, including Yahoo!, Amazon.com, and Movie Critic, recommend documents and products to consumers. Typically, the recommendations are based on content and/or collaborative filteringExpand
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Customer Channel Migration
Abstract The authors develop a model of customer channel migration and apply it to a retailer that markets over the Web and through catalogs. The model identifies the key phenomena required toExpand
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The Shopping Basket: A Model for Multicategory Purchase Incidence Decisions
Consumers make multicategory decisions in a variety of contexts such as choice of multiple categories during a shopping trip or mail-order purchasing. The choice of one category may affect theExpand
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Customized communications have the potential to reduce information overload and aid customer decisions, and the highly relevant products that result from customization can form the cornerstone ofExpand
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Choice and the Internet: From Clickstream to Research Stream
The authors discuss research progress and future opportunities for modeling consumer choice on the Internet using clickstream data (the electronic records of Internet usage recorded by company web servers and syndicated data services). Expand
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Hierarchical Bayes versus Finite Mixture Conjoint Analysis Models: A Comparison of Fit, Prediction, and Partworth Recovery
A study conducted by Vriens, Wedel, and Wilms (1996) and published in Journal of Marketing Research found that finite mixture (FM) conjoint models had the best overall performance of nine conjointExpand
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Competitive Positioning in Markets with Nonuniform Preferences
We investigate the nature of competitive equilibrium for brands competing in a multi-attribute product space when consumer preferences for product attributes follow nonuniform distributions. WeExpand
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The Max-Min-Min Principle of Product Differentiation
We analyze two and three-dimensional variants of Hotelling's model of differentiated products. In our setup, consumers can place different importance on each product attribute; this is measured by aExpand
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Choice Models and Customer Relationship Management
AbstractCustomer relationship management (CRM) typically involves tracking individual customer behavior over time, and using this knowledge to configure solutions precisely tailored to the customers'Expand
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Bayesian factor analysis for multilevel binary observations
Multilevel covariance structure models have become increasingly popular in the psychometric literature in the past few years to account for population heterogeneity and complex study designs. WeExpand
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