Asif Zafar Khan

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INTRODUCTION Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a rare parasomnia in which affected individuals awaken from sleep with the sensation of a loud bang. The etiology is unknown, but other conditions including primary and secondary headache disorders and nocturnal seizures need to be excluded. CASE PRESENTATION A 57-year-old Indian male presented with four(More)
First metatarsalphalangeal joint arthrodesis is a well established and successful treatment; however there still remains controversy over the best choice of construct. We performed a retrospective study of patients undergoing first metatarsalphalangeal fusion over eighteen months (n=52) using either dorsal non-locking plate with additional compression lag(More)
OBJECTIVE Describe an unusual presentation of compartment syndrome of the hand. METHODS An unusual and severe case of compartment syndrome of the hand occurred in a 68-year-old woman following an innocuous distal radius fracture and ulnar styloid avulsion fracture. RESULTS The patient required surgical decompression and amputation of the index, middle,(More)
Background. "Lead hands" are frequently used to maintain hand and finger position in hand surgery. The malleability and strength of lead make it ideal for this purpose. The aim of this study was to determine the amount of lead transferred to a surgeon's glove during handling of a lead hand. Method. Sterile surgical gloves were wiped over the surface of a(More)
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