Asif Ullah Khan

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Selection of stocks that are suitable for investment is a complex task. The main aim of every investor is to earn maximum possible returns on investments. There are many conventional techniques being used and these include technical and fundamental analysis. The main issue with any approach is the proper weighting of criteria to obtain a list of stocks that(More)
Cloud computing delivers IT resources as a Service over Internet. It is growing as the future for application deployment depending upon Quality of Service provided by the service provider. Virtualization provides the base for the same; it has certain pros like portability, efficient hardware utilization, ease in maintenance, cost benefit and cons like(More)
BACKGROUND Gentiana floribunda was investigated for the possible hypotensive and vasodilator activities in an attempt to rationalize its traditional use in hypertension. METHODS The crude extract of Gentiana floribunda (Gf.Cr) was studied in anaesthetized rats and isolated thoracic aorta tissues. RESULTS Gf.Cr which tested positive for presence of(More)
Rapid growth of web application has increased the researcher’s interests in this era. All over the world has surrounded by the computer network. There is a very useful application call web application used for the communication and data transfer. An application that is accessed via a web browser over a network is called the web application. Web caching is a(More)
As multimedia applications are used increasingly, security becomes an important issue of security of images. The combination of chaotic theory and cryptography forms an important field of information security. In the past decade, chaos based image encryption is given much attention in the research of information security and a lot of image encryption(More)
Web application is most common used application all over the world in order to perform communication. There are various challenges in web application like security, time and space etc. As far as time is convent web server process the request and then generates the reply to the client. In this duration time taken by web server should be minimum. This review(More)
Selections of stocks that are suitable for investment are always a complex task. The main aim of every investor is to identify a stock that has potential to go up so that the investor can maximize possible returns on investment. After identification of stock the second important point of decision making is the time to make entry in that particular stock so(More)