Asif Reza Anik

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In this article, we have analyzed the impact of farm level corruption on households’ food security using survey data collected from 210 Bangladeshi rice farmers. Econometric results confirm that the cost of corruption adversely affects households’ calorie consumption. The marginal effect of corruption is higher for the low expenditure households relative to(More)
The study assessed agricultural sustainability in South Asia (i.e., Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Nepal) by computing multi-lateral multi-temporal Total Factor Productivity (TFP) indices and their six finer components (technical change, technical-, scaleand mix-efficiency changes, residual scale and residual mix-efficiency changes) and examined the role(More)
This article explores the impact of corruption on farm-level efficiency in two different rice cropping seasons in Bangladesh. The two different cropping seasons have different production and marketing conditions such that cost of corruption can be hypothesized being positively correlated with technical efficiency in one season while negatively in the other.(More)
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