Asif Islam Khan

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We present realization of ternary Toffoli gate and modified Fredkin gate for quantum computing on top of ion trap realizable Muthukrishnan-Stroud primitive gates. Our design methodology is based on first realizing the quantum circuits using generalized ternary gates and Feynman gates and then replacing them with their equivalent realization using(More)
We present a method of synthesizing Ternary GaloisField (GF(3)) based reversible/quantum logic circuits without any ancillary trits/qutrits and hence without any garbage outputs. We realize multi input ternary Toffoli gate and square functions of GF(3) variables using linear ion trap realizable Muthukrishnan-Stroud (M-S) gates and shift gates in the absence(More)
We realize square operation for quantum ternary logic using basic quantum ternary gates. With the aid of this square operation, we develop a square-multiplier unit. We further develop a cost measurement technique of the square operation and square multiplication operation through general expressions.
In a developing country such as India, there is substantial inequality in health care distribution. Telemedicine facilities were established in Madhya Pradesh in 2007-2008. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the infrastructure, equipment, manpower, and functional status of Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO) telemedicine nodes in Madhya(More)
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