Asif Chaudry

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There is increasing evidence that essential fatty acids (EFA) may have a role to play in the aetiology of some types of cancer although their precise mode of action is unknown. Differences in the metabolism of EFA between patients with benign or malignant prostatic disease may help to elucidate their role in the latter. We have, therefore, measured the(More)
AIMS Chronic neurogenic facial pain is commonly resistant to treatment and is often the source of significant patient morbidity. Adrenergic mechanisms are postulated to play a role in producing this type of pain, and adrenergic blocking agents are frequently used in clinical practice for pain control therapy. The analgesic effectiveness of an adrenergic(More)
AIMS To compare emergency and elective presentation of gastric cancer by mode of clinical presentation, initial stage, intervention and prognosis. METHODS Data were collected prospectively for all cases of gastric cancer presenting to a tertiary referral centre between 2003 and 2010. This was stratified by emergency and elective presentation and was(More)
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