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This paper proposes the application of a new algorithm for the position control of a Stewart platform. The conventional integral sliding mode controller is a combination of nominal control and discontinuous feedback control hence the overall control is discontinuous in nature. The discontinuity in the feedback control is undesirable for practical(More)
In this paper a sliding mode control law is developed based on Multi-rate Output Feedback strategy, wherein output is sampled at a faster rate than the input and is succesfully implemented on pneumatic actuator for fast, accurate and inexpensive system with excellent tracking performance. Only one sensor, potentiometer is used thereby making the system very(More)
The super-twisting second-order sliding-mode algorithm is modified for a class of nonlinear systems with non vanishing unmatched disturbance. The proposed method is based on the modified super-twisting algorithm where the states can be estimated exactly in the presence of non vanishing unmatched disturbance. The value of the equivalent output injection is(More)
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