Asif Bhatti

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The objective of the research was to undertake a quantitative comparison of spectralreflectance measurements made slightly above the surface of water bodies with the measurements made slightly below the surface. The study is focused on three rivers; two in Georgia, USA and one in Japan. As expected, the differences in reflectance are not constant and vary(More)
Pressure-induced ulcers are normally present in nonambulant patients over bony prominences subjected to sustained pressure. They are classified into four types depending upon their depth and involvement of the fascia. Anatomical distribution of pressure sores differ between chronically bed-bound and paraplegic patients depending on variation in pressure(More)
The prime purpose of the research study was to elucidate the potential of remotely sensed data for estimation of water quality parameters (WQPs) in inland and coastal waters. The useful application of remotely sensed data for operational monitoring of water bodies demand for improved algorithms and methodology. The in situ hyperspectral Spectroradiometer(More)
We present a hitherto unreported condition of a bipartite distal phalanx in a child. The condition mimics a fracture and may even lead one to suspect a non-union. Potential pitfalls of such a mistaken diagnosis can include unnecessary splinting or even surgery. This could potentially cause injury to the growth plate with resultant growth arrest. Careful(More)
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