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This study assessed selected measures of cognitive function in trained cyclists who observed daylight fasting during Ramadan. Eleven cyclists volunteered to participate (age: 21.6±4.8 years, VO2max: 57.7±5.6 ml kg(-1)·min(-1)) and were followed for 2 months. Cognitive function (Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB), Reaction Time(More)
The importance of the regional dimension of health diplomacy is only gaining slow and uneven recognition. This is in many ways surprising. As demonstrated in the work of Deacon on the 'globalization of social policy', global social policy has been animated and debated not only at the multilateral level but at the regional level as well. But at least in the(More)
BACKGROUND Dysphagia results from impeded transport of liquids, solids, or both from the pharynx to the stomach. Among the malignant lesions, carcinoma of oesophagus is the commonest cause. Our objective was to find out the frequency of different endoscopic lesions and outcome of the endoscopic therapeutic interventions in patients presenting with(More)
A lady aged 26 years reported with a 2 months history of fever, upper abdominal pain and weight loss. Her abdominal ultrasonographic scan revealed a complex cystic mass in left lobe of liver suggestive of hydatid cyst that was confirmed on magnetic resonance imaging of abdomen and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatogram. With strong suspicion of a hydatid(More)
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