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CCLRC Portal infrastructure to support research facilities: Research Articles
Portlets are compatible with J2EE, thus providing additional capabilities required in the service-oriented architecture (SOA). Expand
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Development of an automated ballast water treatment verification system utilizing fluorescein diacetate hydrolysis as a measure of treatment efficacy.
Methods for verifying ballast water treatments in foreign vessels are needed to protect the Great Lakes from the discharge of live non-native organisms or pathogens. A prototype automated viabilityExpand
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A workflow portal supporting multi-language interoperation and optimization: Research Articles
In this paper we present a workflow portal for Grid applications, which supports different workflow languages and workflow optimization. Expand
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Quality-of-Service Based Grid Communities
A mechanism for grouping services based on a particular set of properties is investigated, leading to the formation of service communities. Expand
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Building of a Grid portal infrastructure
Virtual Peer Communities and the Community Coordinator
The organization of resources/peers in communities is suggested to be an efficient way for resource discovery, but effectiveness of proposed communities depends on the active role and responsibilityExpand
Disease Inference and Community-based Health Services
Automatic disease inference is of significance to overcome any issues between what online health seekers with strange side effects need and what occupied human doctor with one-sided aptitude canExpand
Balancing Generativity of Digitized Products – A Study of Digitized Buses and Remote Diagnostics
Balancing Generativity of Digitized Products – A Study of Digitized Buses and Remote Diagnostics
Developing portals/portlets using Enterprise JavaBeans for Grid users: Research Articles
A Web-based portal acting as a presentation layer to the Grid allows us to provide a transparent means of access to Grid resources. Expand
Investigation and Analysis of Driver Weight on His Health and Comfort inThree Commonly Used Tractors in Iran
Occupational safety and health of agricultural workers has not yet received its due attention in developing countries. This is particularly true in the case of tractor drivers who operate tractors inExpand