Asia A Mohamed

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Early conflicting reports and the lack of sensitive anatomical methods have led to an oversimplified view of adrenal gland innervation. It was not until the introduction of nerve fibre tracing techniques in the mid-1970s that the true complexity of adrenal innervation began to emerge. The first part of this article comprises a brief review of these and(More)
Following the injection of 3-5 microliters of horseradish peroxidase or Fast Blue into the left adrenal medulla, labelling of neurons in the vagal sensory ganglia of rats and guinea-pigs has been demonstrated in all cases. Labelled vagal motor neurons with cell bodies in the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagi have been demonstrated in all cases in the(More)
The sensory innervation of the guinea-pig adrenal medulla was studied using the fluorescent retrograde tracer Fast Blue. Labelled neurons were found in the dorsal root ganglia at segments T3-L2, the greatest contribution arising from T10 representing 15.2% of the total number of labelled cells. Labelling was ipsilateral to the site of injection of tracer(More)
The pre- and postganglionic sympathetic innervation of the guinea-pig adrenal medulla was investigated using the retrograde neuronal tracers Fast Blue and WGA-HRP. Labelled preganglionic cell bodies were located in the intermediolateral horn of spinal segments T3-L2, the majority (73.9%) were found between T6-T12 representing 70.2% of the total number of(More)
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