Ashwini Y. Kini

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Finger and partial finger amputations are some of the most frequently encountered forms of partial hand loss. A high quality aesthetic prosthesis with passive function can be helpful to the patient since loss or congenital absence or malformation have both a social and psychological impact on the patient. Prosthetics is an art and science which provides a(More)
The posterior superior alveolar (PSA) nerve block is commonly used in dentistry for treatment of the maxillary molars. Although this procedure is associated with many complications, ocular complications have been rarely reported. This report details an iatrogenic paresis of the abducent nerve and partial palsy of the oculomotor nerve leading to diplopia,(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate dental measurements i.e. combined mesiodistal width of six maxillary anterior teeth with facial measurements i.e. inner canthal distance, interpupillary distance and intercommissural width and acquire a biometric ratio to serve as a preliminary guide in selection of the maxillary anterior teeth. BACKGROUND In the absence of(More)
Facial attractiveness plays a key role in social interaction. 'Smile' is not only a single category of facial behaviour, but also the emotion of frank joy which is expressed on the face by the combined contraction of the muscles involved. When a patient visits the dental clinic for aesthetic reasons, the dentist considers not only the chief complaint but(More)
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