Ashwini Nadkarni

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The social networking site, Facebook, has gained an enormous amount of popularity. In this article, we review the literature on the factors contributing to Facebook use. We propose a model suggesting that Facebook use is motivated by two primary needs: (1) The need to belong and (2) the need for self-presentation. Demographic and cultural factors contribute(More)
As the number of psychotropics on the market expands, the likelihood increases that a patient requiring anticoagulation with warfarin will receive concurrent treatment with a psychotropic drug. Because warfarin undergoes hepatic metabolism and is highly protein bound, it is particularly prone to drug interactions; in addition, its relatively narrow(More)
Drug interaction between Warfarin and psychiatric agents may have important therapeutic effects for patients undergoing cardiac surgery. We present a case of a patient in whom concurrent treatment with Warfarin and valproic acid resulted in supratherapeutic international normalized ratio values. A discussion of the possible mechanisms for this interaction(More)
Facebook (FB) and Twitter are popular social networking sites. This study examined differences between those who use both sites versus only FB, to test the hypothesis that mono-users differ in their personality characteristics from users active in both websites. Participants were 205 undergraduate students; 96 only used FB, 109 used FB and Twitter.(More)
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